According to the latest and final report from the “Burundi Education Reforms and the right to education” published in 2023, the key recommendations for the primary and secondary education in Burundi were:

  • The Introduction of the ICT to improve the standard of learning.
  • The teachers should have an intensive training in English and Swahili
  • The exchange of curricula between teachers to improve their language skills in
    English, French and Swahili.
  • The importance of promoting the learning of French and Swahili in the EAC
    member states and retaining English as the language of instruction and education
    in Burundi.

BEF aims to improve the standard of learning in primary and secondary schools and the ICT in Burundi.

BEF aims to organise intensive seminars and training courses for Primary and Secondary schools teachers to improve their ICT and Language skills (French, English and Swahili).

BEF aims to fundraise enough money to purchase or to collect new and used computers to improve the ICT learning skills in Burundi.


1. The Rusaga project and the UNICEF funds.

2. Improving the school’s standard of learning and helping the local community :

  • Child Sponsoring program
  • Raising funds for the school’s needs
  • Improving farming projects for sustainable development.
  • Building local accommodation for teachers and a medical centre.