Partnering with us

Our Projects Overview

A commitment to excellence

Education is a fundamental right for all children anywhere in the world. And in most countries most children receive some kind of education. We strive to support the government of Burundi to provide quality education that ensures that children gain relevant skills and knowledge and enables them to find livelihood opportunities that will provide a life beyond poverty.

There are many components of education and many challenges to providing this quality service. Your donations will help overcome some of the challenges and support the provision of quality education that the children of Rusaga deserve. Your contributions to the the Learning Centre will also help the adult community of Rusaga by offering other learning opportunities like alphabetization for adults, hygiene and health messages and potentially vocational training.

Get involved / volunteering

Being a very small charity we depend on volunteers and there are many different ways you can help us:


If you have creative ideas to raise funds for aspects of our project, e.g. construction, learning and teaching material, teacher training, food support to pupils, etc why not get together with family or friends and start a small campaign

  • Become an agent for our tea and coffee sale
  • Become and outlet for our tea and coffee
  • Help us with the clothes scheme